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Private country clubs have to contend with a multi-faceted business model that might include
five different and distinct business areas – Restaurants, Golf Operations, Golf Maintenance, Fitness/Spa, and Administration – each of which must be managed using complex accounting rules.


With the difference in departments also comes a difference in mentality. Most department managers are uncomfortable with accounting. This is fair, because they were hired for their expertise in creating menus, golf events, membership sales, or fitness routines, not for their accounting or bookkeeping skills. What often happens is that they concentrate their time and efforts within their comfort zone and don’t make the collecting, recording, and analysis of financial data a top priority.


Holding department heads accountable may be a daunting task for the general manager.
Ideally, however, someone within the organization has a solid understanding of the workings within each department and can provide the necessary assistance to make sure all transactions are handled properly. If the controller does not fully understand the intricacies of the private country club business, subtle indications of a problem in a department may be missed and
that could cause significant issues for the club.


A general manager needs the confidence to rely on a seasoned controller/CFO to explain and accurately report all of the transactions in each arena. Budgetary cost-cutting, however, often makes it difficult to hire and retain the most knowledgeable person in the accounting role, although having that expertise is imperative.


The terri mccabe cpa team has the know-how every club needs and the ability to work with
and educate department heads on the proper policies and procedures that must be
implemented and reviewed on a regular basis. When everyone appreciates the critical nature
of accurate data, the prospect of management by crisis disappears, things run more smoothly, and everyone – from the staff to the members to the board – is happier.


Specialized Private Country Club / HOA Services


Interim Controller – We can fill the gap when a controller is out on leave or has resigned
their position.


Part-time Controller/CFO – Sometimes clubs have a great accounting staff, but they need someone with additional knowledge that the staff accountant does not possess. Clubs often
do not have the resources to employ a full-time employee with the highest level of expertise.
We can be retained on an hourly basis to provide oversight and fill the knowledge gap of the current accounting department


Helping Hand to Current Controller/CFO – From time to time, there may be special projects that require additional assistance. Your controller is kept busy on a daily basis and adding a major capital project can result in a burden that affects the smooth flow and output of work
in the Accounting Department. We can provide an experienced professional with private country club knowledge to work as an “additional set of hands” to get the project done on time and on budget.


Some of our areas of expertise include:        


Additional Consulting Services:

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